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Serving Families, Schools, and Non-Profits

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Working Families

Helping You Provide for Your Loves

Working families need access to high-quality, affordable legal service. Whether you want to form an LLC, limit liability for your small business, or protect your loved ones with a carefully-written will or trust, we can help. We treat you like a neighbor, working efficiently to minimize your costs and maximize your legal protection.

Private Schools

Compliance and Risk Management

Private schools face a rapidly lengthening list of legal and policy concerns due to COVID, remote learning, changing federal regulations, and budget shortfalls. We guide private schools, homeschool co-ops, and other education organizations on best practices to comply with federal and state law and mitigate litigation risks.


Impacting Communities for Better

Stressed communities need non-profit services more than ever. We enable non-profits to operate smartly, stay in compliance with federal and state law, and mitigate operational risk. If you're longing to start a new non-profit, we applaud you, and we're ready to help. Contact us for key non-profit formation advice.


Legal Services

Whether you have a simple question, need documents drafted, or need guidance through a complex legal issue, we want to help. If we can't answer your question or assist with your problem, we'll point you to someone who can. See our services below, and contact us for a consultation when you're ready to learn more.

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What You Need to Know

Training your administration and staff can help avoid many legal issues. Our law firm is rooted in education--Jennifer has years of experience in public school, private education, and homeschooling. Our trainings showcase her passion for teaching and empowering others with legal knowledge.

Document Drafting

Get It in Writing

Take steps to avoid messy legal issues by hiring a legal professional to review or draft key operational documents, student and employee handbooks, business formation filings, waivers, employee contracts, wills and trusts, real estate transfers, demand letters, and other sensitive communications.

Express Consultation

Free Legal Evaluation

We don't want you to hire us or any other law firm without being informed on an attorney's knowledge, communication style, and fees. Informed clients make smart legal decisions, so we offer you an opportunity to meet Jennifer, ask her questions, and decide whether we can meet your legal needs.


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